Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School...NOT!

It doesn't really feel like Back-to-School time. There is no smell of freshly purchased school supplies in the air. At least not in our house. Because

a) I haven't purchased any (years of over-achieving school supply lists have left us with a plethora of unused supplies) and
b) the girls are not going back to school tomorrow.

Thing 1 (the youngest) is going back to the home school program (called Distributed Learning, which means you follow the curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education but from home). There is a teacher that she reports to but no interaction with her peers, which suits her introverted personality just fine.

Thing 2 does not want to return to our catchment school and also does not want to do the home school program so we have applied for a cross-boundary to another school. However, all the schools are quite full and they will be processing the cross-boundary applications near the end of the first week. So we won't find out if she can get in until the second week of school! If she doesn't...well then we move to plan B. Don't ask me yet what that is. I'm still formulating a plot.

So the good news is that we will do our Back-to-School shopping AFTER school has started, AFTER the lines have dissipated, and AFTER everything goes on sale. Woop woop!


annie said...

You must live in the UK b/c I can only think of Harry Potter when I read "Ministry of Education." I didn't know it was a real thing. Stupid American.

Miz Dinah said...

Haha...Canada, actually. But we are a constitutional monarchy so we get a lot of our jargon from the Brits. Especially our Ministry of Magic. :)

Kate / Pennello Lane said...

Great to have options like DL and choosing schools outside your catchment! Yay Canada :)

Adrienne said...

Anything to avoid those BTS crowds!