Sunday, July 1, 2012

Such a Diva

I'll admit it. I have become a Diva...cup user. When the doctor suggested I switch from tampons to pads, I felt like I had been tossed back to the stone age. Bad memories of high school and leakage came flooding back (pun intended). I tried the Today (TM) disposable cups and they worked pretty well but didn't have the capacity I needed and I felt bad tossing them into the trash. I did recall some hippie-sounding reusable menstrual cups so off to the Googles I went.

I found the Diva Cup (TM) web site and read the product information and testimonials. Intrigued and still a bit skeptical, I sussed one out at my local London Drugs. It took a little bit of practice to get the insertion and removal just right, but after 6 months I am a happy convert. It comes with a cute little drawstring cotton bag for storage and a Diva pin which is now adorning my winter toque (hat for you  non-Canadians). Cleaning is simple with the natural Diva Wash (TM) that I also purchased, but it also cleans up fine with water when I'm out. In a pinch, when there are multiple stalls and a penguin walk to the sink is not really kosher, I empty it and wipe out with toilet paper before reinserting. It was worth the investment (around $20, which is about 3 months' worth of tampons), easy to pack, easy to use, and I feel better about not tossing and/or flushing wrappers and products. And I didn't have to break out the love beads and patchouli either.

Oh, and they're made in Canada! Happy Canada Day from one happy Gogina.

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Anonymous said...

I have to give this a try. So much less waste!