Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh Internet

There's nothing you can't do.
I'd be lost without you.
Your maps and directions,
Your movie selections,
Your current events,
Your houses to rent,
Your places to vent.
Oh the money I've spent!
On toys and on clothes,
And electronic prose
For my Kindle e-reader.

What would I do
If I didn't have you
To find things on craigslist?
Would I know what exists
to be purchased on eBay?
Or Amazon? No way.
Would I have games to play?
Could live just one day
Without email or Google?
Would I be just as frugal
Without online coupons?

Could I share my pics?
Watch YouTube? Netflix?
Could I diagnose those
Spots on my toes
Without WebMD?
Where would I be
If I couldn't see
My Allrecipes?
Or search Wikipedia?
Or look on Expedia
For my next vacation?

Oh Internet
Without you I'd bet
I'd be lost and alone
With my tv and phone.
I'd never know where
I could find the best pair
Of shoes or swimwear
Or the way to get there.
I'd feel disconnected,
Cut off and affected
Without my Internet.

© 2012 Miz Dinah

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