Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look! A Deer!

Went for a walk in the forest (I know, so unlike me) and happened across this little fellow. He was totally nonplussed by our appearance and continued eating around us. At one point he walked right toward us and I said to my husband, "What if he charges at us?" I'm such a city girl...

Oh hey! A human!
When I say "in the forest", I mean a few feet.
Don't you just want to touch his furry antlers?
He was totally not camera-shy and I snapped a dozen pictures as he munched away. So cool!


jessicarabica said...

So pretty!

Heather Smith said...

great pics!

Jodi Shaw said...

Those are amazing. Thank god for cameras eh? lol or we'd all have big fish stories to tell hahaha