Thursday, April 19, 2012

For Sale - One Soul. Comes With House.

Well, we just listed our house. I guess I just sold my soul to my employer for 25 years. Booyah!

We've been here for almost 9 years and even though it's a nice big house, I crave more. More rooms in a different layout so tv and music and work and quiet don't interfere with others' enjoyment. I always feel like we are one room short of places to go. Plus it will be convenient to be closer to work (for me; the man works from home now).

Naturally the houses we are ogling are of greater financial commitment. Go big or go home, I say. Or go to a big home. It's hard not to covet more square footage packaged up in dark hardwood and granite. I have champagne tastes...what can I say?

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Karen Greenberg said...

Good luck on selling your home. Being closer to work is definitely a bonus when looking for a different one!