Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Sale: Spell-check. Never used.

Whenever I want a good laugh, I pull up craigslist and mock the sad spelling in some of the posts. I can't help it.

A common one is Winnie the Poo. Maybe The Book of Poo is not the book I'm thinking of with the bear whose head is stuffed with fluff. It's possible that Disney made a movie about Poo. I'm even considering naming my next bowel movement Poo. I have fond memories of Winnie the Pooh but I suppose there's room in my heart for another Poo or his ghetto brotha Winnie the Phoo. "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, phoo?"

Another is cats that are "spaded". I don't know if that means hit over the head with a spade or buried in the ground by one but either way it is not a selling feature. Oh, and a male cat is neutered, not spayed.

Here's an uncommon one: Shrek and Leona. I guess Fiona didn't want all the publicity hassle of having her mug plastered all over McDonald's glasses so she changed her name. I get it.

Ah...the loveable chiwawa. Unlike the Mexican chihuahua, the chiwawa is a great dog for the phonetically challenged.

I realize that spell-check won't recognize all these errors but the sad thing is that these people probably aren't ESL or learning disabled. They probably graduated from high school, possibly even university. They might be our doctors, city planners, politicians or aircraft controllers. We're going to hell in a hanndbaskt, people. Be afrayded.