Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloggis Interruptus

Clearly I seem to be on hiatus. I just thought I would make it official.

In addition to working 40+ hours per week, raising our little family and volunteering sporadically at our daughter's school, I thought it would make sense to go back to school.  Sleep is for sissies.

I want to get my Bachelor's in Business Administration.  However, the Statistics course requires Math 12.  I graduated with Math 11 (the bare minimum).  Let it be known that I dislike math.  I am not a very good mathlete.  So naturally I should get a degree in numbers.  I have enrolled in Math 12 through the local distance education program, and if that isn't enough I also enrolled in French 12.  Even though I passed French 12 with a B and took two semesters of university french.  This is more for personal growth.  I use it in my job and my daughter is in late french immersion so it is to my advantage to brush up on ma langue secondaire.

Unfortunately this places my blog at the bottom of the food chain.  Along with shaving my legs, taking the cats to the vet and putting away the laundry.  Not that your expectations are very high if you are following me, but I may be even more sporadic.  À bientôt, mes amis.  I need to finish my homework.