Thursday, February 3, 2011

If I may be so bold...

I am not a coffee snob; however, I do appreciate a nice bold roast (Ethical Bean Rocket Fuel, Starbucks Sumatra, Kicking Horse 454 Horse Power).  I will shun the weaker Pike Place in favour of the Komodo Dragon. Bypass the Breakfast Blend for the French Roast.

Why oh why are we having such issues with the coffee at the office? Aside from the fact that we don't grind our beans fresh before brewing, that is. Even so, it is possible to get a good cup of coffee from pre-ground. Finding the Tim Hortons and certain House Blends/Colombian too acidic, I insisted suggested we try a darker roast. But with the volume of java being consumed here on a daily basis, 1lb of Starbucks doesn't go very far. We could buy the big Costco-sized French Roast but it only comes in beans and grinding would be too noisy for our office.

We started buying the Seattle Mountain Sumatra at Costco because you can grind your beans right at the store.  At first it was good but it is increasingly less so.  All of a sudden the colour and flavour is very inconsistent. The last few pots were really weak so I added a whole bunch little extra to the most recent pot and it was like drinking ass water. Or what you would expect ass water to taste like. You know that really expensive Kopi Luwak coffee that is trendy right now?  The one where the Indonesian civet cats eat the coffee cherries and crap out the beans and then people pay a shit-ton of money to drink it? This is what you'd expect coffee that came out of an animal's butt to taste like. (I just want to know who was desperate enough for a caffeine hit to even consider roasting and brewing a log of cat shit.  But I digress...)

We have a nice Cuisinart brewer with a reusable filter that we wash. We are putting in one heaping Tbsp. for every two cups of water, which is what I do at home with my considerably cheaper Oster. The only differences are that I use unbleached filters (which I compost) and I grind my beans fresh. And I buy better coffee.  I suppose that last part might play a small part because my coffee tastes like black nectar from heaven. Still, WTF is wrong with our coffee at work? Is it the grounds, the filter, the brewer, the atmosphere? Is someone adding pencil shavings? I don't get it. I am going to bring in a paper filter and some of my coffee and see if it tastes halfway decent. Life is too short to drink bad coffee!