Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on Kitty Poop Death Star Litter Box

I was getting a little worried after a few days, as Gordon and Zoey had not yet used the new Litter Robot. To encourage them to use the fresh box, I stopped cleaning the old one (no big challenge for me). I even laid a dry turd inside (a cat turd, not my own) to show them where to do their poopy and put cat treats on the lip of the opening. I know they have looked inside and retrieved their treats because the litter was disturbed and there was a small trail scattered on the steps. But when I cycled the machine, no kitty turds were ejected into the drawer below. :(

On the 6th morning I checked and was greeted by a fresh clump of cat pee! Yippee! I guess the minefield of cat bombs in the other tray was enough to convince them to occupy new territory. Once I cycled the machine they were happy to climb in and do it again. So we dumped the old box and moved the new one in its place. Success!

I am SO happy not to be a harvesting turds from the litter box. All we have to do is dump the lined tray once or twice a week. The bathroom downstairs doesn't smell like eau de cat scat and there is considerably less litter and poo being flung far and wide. Aside from its girth, it is a perfect fit for a family of scoopaphobes. Cat-tested and approved.


Follow Me, I'm Canadian said...

That is Great news!

nick said...

It's turdy work, but someone's gotta do it.