Friday, October 22, 2010

Out of (Con)Text

Reading a post over at Wait in the Van made me look back over my texts on my Blackberry. When you don't know the story behind the text, it can be pretty funny!

Him: Poo on the floor of my office this morning.

Me: Oh. Yuck. Why do you think?

Him: Looks like a hair issue.

Me: Hmm. Maybe we should brush the cats.

Him: Bunged up I guess.

Me: Urgh.

(One of the cats pooped on the floor in hubby's home office instead of the litter box in the bathroom.)

Me: Frodo, going to Mordar. Signed, Bilbo

Sis: Hehehe. I know they say it only takes one ring to bind it but in your case I would suggest some sort of epoxy.

Me: Hehe. I think I'm old enough to reread Tolkien. Maybe it will make more sense. May I borrow them?

Sis: Heck yes! Remind me to bring em out.

(Re-tiling a bathroom prompted a joke of "Where do drywalling hobbits live? Mordar!", after which I decided that reading The Lord of the Rings at 10 years of age left greater comprehension to be desired.)

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HulaBuns said...

Hehehehehehe!! Too funny! Love the Lord of the Rings joke. :D