Friday, September 10, 2010

Miss Kitty, Take a Litter...

Dear Kitties,

We are about to spend an obscene amount of money on a litter box because we don't enjoy scooping your poop. If I thought you could master flushing the toilet I would train you to squat on the seat like a small, furry human. But I don't want to find your hard little turds floating in the bowl. Also, last time I tried to flush some "flushable litter" the toilet backed up.

We have decided on the Litter Robot, aka The Death Star. Do not be afraid, kitties. Khhhh. I am your father. Khhhh. It's hard to breathe in this biohazard suit! Please adjust quickly to the new littersphere so we can all breathe a little easier. Also, please stop flinging your poo out of the litter box. And if you would wipe your feet on the mat instead of jumping out and spraying loose grains of litter across the floor that would also be appreciated.

Your Humans
aka The Food Lady & The Man


Annah said...

I think I would die of happiness if my dogs would somehow learn how to pee inside a litter box. DIE! I live on the second floor and the up and down up and down just drives me BONKERS

HulaBuns said...

LOL! I feel like the Litter Robot looks a lot like R2D2's head (or maybe it just reminds me of it). Good luck, I hope it works out and you never have to scoop their poop again. ;)

Follow Me, I'm Canadian said...

Lol! The joys of pets!