Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ladies & gentlemen of the jury...I present to you: Eggs-hibit A.

An eggstraordinary number of eggs have been recalled in the US due to salmonella bacteria. (I mean really, when you eat food from something's butt, what do you eggspect?)  All puns aside, this is a very serious issue and people have become very ill from eating what is supposed to be a safe and healthy (cholesterol notwithstanding) food.

This is another affliction in a long list of large-scale infections that have infiltrated our food chain in the last few years:

Eggs: salmonella
Lettuce: e.coli
Spinach: e.coli
Peanut butter: salmonella
Apple juice: e.coli
Lunch meat: listeria
Ground beef: e.coli
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein: salmonella

to name a few, and the list goes on and on.... Plus, every month there are many small-scale recalls on specific products for contamination. We're screwing things up royally here.  People are getting sicker and bacteria are getting stronger. It's just a little scary, eh?

I don't know if it's the growing processes, the manufacturing processes, the packaging and storage processes or a little bit of everything.  Are they cutting too many corners trying to stay competitive in the market or are they just lazy?  Do consumers demand too much?  Do companies care too little?  Throw me a frickin' bone here.  On second thought, don't. It's probably contaminated.  Even pet food is not immune.

There's nothing good to eat anymore. In the case of The People vs. Big Food Companies, I find the defendants guilty as charged and sentence them to clean up their food practices.  Court is adjourned.

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Alicia D said...

oh my gosh, until i read that list of recalled foods, i never really put it all together like that... yeah, something is seriously going on at some level. I wish i was rich/patient/a good cook enough to just do a "farm to fork" type of thing...only buying fresh local product, milk etc from farmers. we do get some stuff from the amish market and local stands, but i guess THEY could be contaminated too, perhaps. ugh...just more things to be worried about in the world :)