Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Old Ladies and Cat Food

A myth?  Possibly.... But compare the price of a can of tuna and a can of Fancy Feast, factor in the price of rent and utilities and divide by Canada Pension and it's not as far off as you might think. A dollar doesn't stretch too far these days.

June 1st is Hunger Awareness Day.  Are you hungry?  Now imagine your cupboards are as bare and Old Mother Hubbard's.  I bet you that poor dog is looking pretty tasty right about now.

Kraft Canada has teamed up with Food Banks Canada to help take a bite out of hunger.  From June 1 - 11, every dollar donated to the Canadian food banks will be matched, up to $150,000.  That's a lot of KD (and other essential food).  Are you up to the Kraft Hunger Challenge?

Dinah Gogina.  Doing good things since 11:35 pm. 

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NaomiJesson said...

I worked at a bank in basically a retirement city. They would have millions in their accounts, but I would catch them buying canned dog & cat food. I would ask them about their cats and/or dogs but they would look at me puzzled and respond with "I don't have any pets!".