Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's One of THOSE Days...

You know those days. When you wake up late, have a headache for no reason, feeling crappy and not even a hangover on which to place blame.

You scrabble around the closet in mid-darkness, plucking whatever mismatched outfit you first lay hands on from the depths and find some coordinating socks in your drawer.  Throw your hair in a ponytail because it's all stuck up on one side and frizzy, and not even gobs of hair gel can contain the curly flyaways that are now reinforced by Joico. 

After you poke haphazardly at a blemish, you spend extra time having to conceal the redness with foundation and a paint makeup brush, leaving less time to perfect your congenitally-defective half-eyebrows.  Swiping brow powder across them leaves them looking like brown skid marks across your forehead. Tame them into a semblance of brows with a Q-tip and try not to poke your eye out with mascara.  Throw some powder across your half-assed masterpiece, grab your purse and shoes and run out the door.

Drive like a madwoman over the hill and through the woods and arrive at work a half hour late.  You pour a cup of steaming hot coffee into your mug and clutch it in your hands like the holy grail of mornings. Then you sink into your chair behind rolling waves of paperwork, heave a sigh, and get down to business.

It's one of THOSE days...

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