Saturday, June 19, 2010


Welcome to Blogology 101. Let's start off with some basic terminology, shall we?  Pay attention, there may be a quiz later.

Blog: short for web log. A place to share your thoughts, feelings, rants, photos, stories, travel, reviews or anything else that can be posted to a blog.

Blogger: one who blogs, obviously, or the blog platform owned by Google.

: mortal enemy friendly competitor to Blogger platform.

: hiding behind a pseudonym or posting as an anonymous guest.

: see blognonymous.

: the world of blogs.

Blog Roll
: a list of fellow bloggers and links to their blogs, often reciprocated.

Blog Hop
: kind of like bar hopping, without the drunken stumbling and vicious hangover.

Blog Surf
: to randomly peruse blogs; on Blogger, hitting the "next blog" link repeatedly at 2 am.

: words of validation that feed a blogger's ego.

Blog Whoring
: leaving comments on blogs or group forums with the sole purpose of pimping out your blog; aka marketing.

Blog Awards:  the chain letter of blog love.

Blogs of Note
: the Blogger version of a blog award, aka free PR and increased traffic; the holy grail of a Blogger blogger.

: a mis-spelling of Blogger; also Blooger.

See you next class!

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