Monday, May 10, 2010

Patron Saint of Pants

Let me preface this by saying my mom was a hippie and really believed in the whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing, and that my budget can't always contend with my yen to spend.  To maintain the thrill but not the bill, I frequent certain second-hand shops for clothing to augment my wardrobe.  Think of them as hand-me-downs, but from a stranger.  Plus you'll never be caught deer-in-a-headlight at a family function when someone exclaims, "Isn't that Aunt Martha's old dress and Uncle Bob's high heels?"  As long as it's not knickers and it's washed, I think it's fine and you can spend your savings on chocolate, which also reduces endorphins (and requires bigger pants).  It's the circle of life, my friends.

Anyway, this past weekend my sister-in-law and I spent hours perusing the racks at Value Village (or as we call it, the VV Boutique).  You know those little rolling hand-baskets that you can pull behind you?  Ours were stacked to a precarious 3 feet of clothes to try on.  I quickly poked through the girls pajamas on the way to the change rooms but found nothing of interest until...I found two pairs of abandoned jeans hanging at the end of the rack -- in my size!  One blue, and one a very deep and new-looking black.  I think I heard choirs of angels sing.  Onto the pile they went.

The sign said "Limit 6" but didn't say of what, so I wheeled my one basket in and tried on some clothes. The blue jeans weren't to my liking, so I shimmied into the black ones. And guess what?  They fit like a glove! An ass-glove, that is. In length too, which is damn-near a miracle. I swear they couldn't have been worn more than a couple of times; they were impeccable.  The name said it all: Denver Hayes Curvy.  That's me!  I mean the curvy part. Thank you Fairy Pants Mother!

A few tops, a pair of capris and some sweet Roxy slippers (which, along with some tops, still had the original tags on!) completed my treasured finds.  I wore the pants today and I've got to say they are hands-down the most comfortable jeans ever!  I've sourced them out to Mark's Work Wearhouse of all places, and they happen to be on sale this month.  Methinks I will be picking up another pair!

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