Monday, May 17, 2010

12 Steps to a Nervous Breakdown:

1. Wake up Monday morning
2. Listen to child whine about not wanting to go to school
3. Get to work late
4. Discover mouse poopy and tiny urine footprints on desk
5. Disinfect entire desk, keyboard, mouse, calculator, pens etc.
6. Wash hands
7. Freak out every time you put your fingers near your mouth
8. Wash hands again
9. Burn mouth on hot coffee trying to kill germs in mouth
10. Stare at piles of paperwork waiting to be entered
11. Rest chin in palm
12. Scrub hands and wipe face with shaking, scalded hands


Tracy said...

That is cute!! Thanks for sharing :O) I so hear about the child whining about school too!
Just to let you know I managed to get your blog on my blog roll....finally!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Time to call Orkin?

Lisa Anne said...

Is your day off to just as bad as a start as mine? Just about. I'd freak out if there were mouse droppings on my desk. Nasty.

Miz Dinah said...

@Tracy: Oh will the whining ever stop? Thanks for adding me to your blog.

@whippedcrema: Ya think? We have some mousetraps down now. Mice don't scare me but rotavirus does!

@Lisa Anne: Yeah, I think so! I touched one thinking it was pencil lead. Ew!