Monday, March 22, 2010

Twi-hard With a Vengeance

So J-girl turned 11.  She invited 4 of her closest buds for a Twilight sleepover.  We made invitations.  Then we shopped.

New Moon plates.  Check. New Moon napkins. Check.  Twilight cake. Check.  Popcorn, chips, pop.  Check check check!

And we shopped.

Black and gold balloons. Gold forks. (I feel like King Midas). Blood-red goodie bags. New Moon trading cards. Twilight journals. Twilight candies.  Lip gloss.

The girls watched Twilight, made pizza, had cake and presents, watched New Moon, did makeovers, made a movie, ate and ate and ate, and finally went to sleep at midnight. I had no idea 5 girls could be so noisy!

I thought they might sleep in...but no. They were up at 7.  I made blueberry pancakes, mini bananas and sliced kiwis. THEN I had coffee. I was so happy to see 11 am roll around. Peace. And. Quiet. never sounded so sweet.

J-girl scored a whole lotta Twilight New Moon stuff: t-shirts, fleece blanket, 2 Edward pillows (she's on Team Edward, by the way), jewelry box, Bella's bracelet, trading cards, books and of course, the New Moon DVD. As a New Moon party, I'd say it was a howling success.

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A 2 Z said...

That brings back so many memories. My girls are now 20 and 22. When they were that age it was The Spice Girls everything. I remember hosting theme parties. It would cost a fortune and everything had to be perfect or else the little "divas" would cause such drama. It sounds like everything went well.