Sunday, March 7, 2010

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore

So Friday night we hopped on the ferry to the Sunshine Coast to visit hubby's sister. Let's call her Loose Wheel. We can see the ocean and Vancouver Island from Loose Wheel's kitchen in Sechelt. It's very relaxing, this little town.

Yesterday J-girl, R-Daddy and I collected interesting rocks along the shore. Loose Wheel and their other sister, Gigizzle, met up with us and we dug in the sand and rocks for sea glass. I think I had even more fun than J-girl. Gigizzle and I had to be dragged away from the rock pile when it was time to leave. I think we're very competitive. I just want to say, I found the only piece of blue glass. But she will tell you she found a shard from a dish from the Titanic. Never mind that it sank off the east coast, not the west. (It IS a cool shard. But don't tell her I said that!) R-Daddy found a rock shaped like a turd.

We took a drive to Davis Bay for gelato and a walk on the other beach where we found teeny tiny crabs under the rocks. They almost look and feel like bugs. Kinda freaked me out when it scuttled across my palm. But fun to look at. We poked around a little antique shop (didn't buy anything). All that fresh air and walking on barnacle-crusted rocks made us hungry so we went back to the house and had a fabulous ham dinner. J-girl and I went to bed early and slept like logs.

After a breakfast of Belgian waffles and strawberries, we checked out the toy store in town and J-girl bought a Diabolo juggling stick thing. She's been practising all day and she's getting pretty good. We'll have to put her out on a street corner to busk. We'll put the old kitty they have out with her for sympathy. We had a tour of the boat "dry-docked" in the yard. Maybe in the summer we'll go out on the water.

Time to catch the ferry back to the mainland. Gotta work tomorrow! Bugger.


Linda J said...

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Miz Dinah said...

Holy cow, those are amazing. Yeah, we didn't find anything so fantastic as that. It's just really cool to find shiny things in the sand. Maybe we'll make a mosaic.

A 2 Z said...


I'm from SITS and the best part is that I'm also Canadian or half of one because I live in Québec LOL. I luv your picture. Its different! You are very different. Did I mention that I lived 2 years on Vancouver Island? I thought that I would go crazy at first but then I fell in love with the place and they had to tie me up and throw me on the ferry when we moved. BC is the most beautiful...

Miz Dinah said...

Bienvenue et merci d'avoir visiter mon blog! J'espère que tu reviendras bientôt.

Thanks for the compliments! I agree, BC is very beautiful. I don't think I could leave.