Monday, March 1, 2010

Horn If You're Honky!

On my way to Langley yesterday after THE BIG GAME IN WHICH WE WON GOLD, it was very heartening to see all the Canadian fans waving their flags from car windows, street corners, medians and intersections.  I'm not really one to toot my own horn (unless you piss me off when I'm driving), but I found great pleasure in honking and waving as I passed by. The enthusiasm was contagious, even hours after the game. It was really nice to see the camaraderie of strangers. My favourite group was three young girls sitting on a barrier at the other side of an intersection. When we turned left I honked and waved, and they cheered and waved their flags. It brought a tear to my eye and and warmth to my heart.

Proud to be a Canadian,
Miz Dinah Gogina

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

would have loved to be there! My sister in law in Toronto even packed up her little one and headed downtown for the victory celebrations there... I had to keep my celebrating to a dull roar surrounded by wonderfully understanding American friends :) It was a great competition and a nail biter to the end though...