Friday, March 19, 2010

And Jill Came Tumbling After

Oh poor J-girl.  She took a spill at school, across the pavement, over the rocks and onto the grass.  I got a call from her at lunch time to come pick her up.  She was a sad looking little thing, all covered in bandaids, arm in a sling.  Her knees and chin are scraped, her palm is cut, and her elbow was swollen.  Of course today she wore capris, so her knees were exposed.  But I suppose I should be thankful she didn't rip the knees out of her jeans.  Jeans that fit comfortably are like the holy grail in our household (among the female population, that is).

Took her home, cleaned her up, and iced her arm. Went to the hospital for x-rays to make sure her arm wasn't broken.  "She's got some tough bones," the doctor said.  Now that the swelling is gone she is back to her chipper self, talking on the phone to her BFFs.

Well that was an exciting afternoon.


Acting Balanced Mom said...

glad she's ok! A cast would have been a really yucky accessory for spring!

deekkyy said...

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Miz Dinah said...

Thanks. I know, and she had her birthday party this weekend too. Luckily nothing serious.

The Drama Mama said...

Awww. Poor J. I'm glad she isn't seriously hurt. Happy Sunday, coming over from SITS.