Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tim Tam Slam

There is a package of Tim Tams in my cupboard that is calling my name. I am trying hard not to heed their call, but I fear I cannot hold out much longer.

"What the hell is a Tim Tam?", you might ask. It is a chocolate-coated, chocolate-cream-filled chocolate biscuit from Australia.

Not only are these magically-delicious, but there is an extra special way to eat these to maximize the chocolatey goodness: the Tim Tam Slam. Apparently you must bite off two opposite corners and suck a hot beverage THROUGH the cookie like a chocolate straw and then pop the Tim Tam into your mouth and let it melt. Oh. My. God. I can hear the choirs of angel already.

I can't stand it anymore. I have to try it for myself. If I don't make it back alive, promise me you will feed the cats.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Twi-hard With a Vengeance

So J-girl turned 11.  She invited 4 of her closest buds for a Twilight sleepover.  We made invitations.  Then we shopped.

New Moon plates.  Check. New Moon napkins. Check.  Twilight cake. Check.  Popcorn, chips, pop.  Check check check!

And we shopped.

Black and gold balloons. Gold forks. (I feel like King Midas). Blood-red goodie bags. New Moon trading cards. Twilight journals. Twilight candies.  Lip gloss.

The girls watched Twilight, made pizza, had cake and presents, watched New Moon, did makeovers, made a movie, ate and ate and ate, and finally went to sleep at midnight. I had no idea 5 girls could be so noisy!

I thought they might sleep in...but no. They were up at 7.  I made blueberry pancakes, mini bananas and sliced kiwis. THEN I had coffee. I was so happy to see 11 am roll around. Peace. And. Quiet. never sounded so sweet.

J-girl scored a whole lotta Twilight New Moon stuff: t-shirts, fleece blanket, 2 Edward pillows (she's on Team Edward, by the way), jewelry box, Bella's bracelet, trading cards, books and of course, the New Moon DVD. As a New Moon party, I'd say it was a howling success.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pick a Number Between 1 and 12

5? Okay random-number-computer-generated-winner-picker. You're the boss!

The winner of the $20 Starbucks gift card is...

Lisa Anne from Smell the Coffee Lisa.  How appropriate!

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I appreciate your comments!

Friday, March 19, 2010

And Jill Came Tumbling After

Oh poor J-girl.  She took a spill at school, across the pavement, over the rocks and onto the grass.  I got a call from her at lunch time to come pick her up.  She was a sad looking little thing, all covered in bandaids, arm in a sling.  Her knees and chin are scraped, her palm is cut, and her elbow was swollen.  Of course today she wore capris, so her knees were exposed.  But I suppose I should be thankful she didn't rip the knees out of her jeans.  Jeans that fit comfortably are like the holy grail in our household (among the female population, that is).

Took her home, cleaned her up, and iced her arm. Went to the hospital for x-rays to make sure her arm wasn't broken.  "She's got some tough bones," the doctor said.  Now that the swelling is gone she is back to her chipper self, talking on the phone to her BFFs.

Well that was an exciting afternoon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee Break

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Hey. Turn your clocks ahead one hour. Do it. Do it now.

Now that you've lost an hour of sleep, you deserve a little somethin' somethin' to keep you awake.

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And voilĂ .  You're entered to win a $20 Starbucks gift card.  The winner will be announced March 21st.  Try to stay awake until then. ***edited 03/21/10: contest closed, but you're more than welcome to leave a comment!***

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream

And not just because dairy gives me gas.  Thank you for spending your week off work cleaning and organizing the house.  I will overlook the fact that you probably threw out some semi-important papers because you hung up my mirrors and pictures, organized the Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon, and dismantled Mount Clothesmore.  You complete me. ♥

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore

So Friday night we hopped on the ferry to the Sunshine Coast to visit hubby's sister. Let's call her Loose Wheel. We can see the ocean and Vancouver Island from Loose Wheel's kitchen in Sechelt. It's very relaxing, this little town.

Yesterday J-girl, R-Daddy and I collected interesting rocks along the shore. Loose Wheel and their other sister, Gigizzle, met up with us and we dug in the sand and rocks for sea glass. I think I had even more fun than J-girl. Gigizzle and I had to be dragged away from the rock pile when it was time to leave. I think we're very competitive. I just want to say, I found the only piece of blue glass. But she will tell you she found a shard from a dish from the Titanic. Never mind that it sank off the east coast, not the west. (It IS a cool shard. But don't tell her I said that!) R-Daddy found a rock shaped like a turd.

We took a drive to Davis Bay for gelato and a walk on the other beach where we found teeny tiny crabs under the rocks. They almost look and feel like bugs. Kinda freaked me out when it scuttled across my palm. But fun to look at. We poked around a little antique shop (didn't buy anything). All that fresh air and walking on barnacle-crusted rocks made us hungry so we went back to the house and had a fabulous ham dinner. J-girl and I went to bed early and slept like logs.

After a breakfast of Belgian waffles and strawberries, we checked out the toy store in town and J-girl bought a Diabolo juggling stick thing. She's been practising all day and she's getting pretty good. We'll have to put her out on a street corner to busk. We'll put the old kitty they have out with her for sympathy. We had a tour of the boat "dry-docked" in the yard. Maybe in the summer we'll go out on the water.

Time to catch the ferry back to the mainland. Gotta work tomorrow! Bugger.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love Me Tender

On second thought, love me hard. And by love, I mean massage. My shoulders. My trapezius muscles are all tense. I feel like someone has injected my shoulder muscles with a combination of Botox and Viagra. So honey, if you're reading this from over there on the couch, give me a sign. And by a sign, I mean come over and massage my shoulders. Love you! ♥

Monday, March 1, 2010

Horn If You're Honky!

On my way to Langley yesterday after THE BIG GAME IN WHICH WE WON GOLD, it was very heartening to see all the Canadian fans waving their flags from car windows, street corners, medians and intersections.  I'm not really one to toot my own horn (unless you piss me off when I'm driving), but I found great pleasure in honking and waving as I passed by. The enthusiasm was contagious, even hours after the game. It was really nice to see the camaraderie of strangers. My favourite group was three young girls sitting on a barrier at the other side of an intersection. When we turned left I honked and waved, and they cheered and waved their flags. It brought a tear to my eye and and warmth to my heart.

Proud to be a Canadian,
Miz Dinah Gogina