Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Tale of Two Pizzas

I did our monthly blow-it-out-your-ass grocery spree last night. It was supposed to be a quickie, but I remembered Safeway's 10% Customer Appreciation day is the first Tuesday of the month so it turned into an all-out food fest. I'm still trying to be quick, but thorough at the same time. This involves cruising every aisle and wracking my brain to remember if we need this or that. Anyway, our story brings us to the frozen foods section.

In the midst of the frozen pizza section, I notice Delissio pizzas are on sale (like $3 or $4 off - it's a good sale! And besides, they make a quick dinner). Flashback to the beginning of the shopping trip where I promised myself I would try to buy the "good foods". Never mind about the tortilla chips, that's not pertinent to this story. And the chocolate milk. Get out of my cart, will ya?

So I see these thin crust pizzas with a mushroom medley and I'm intrigued. Wait, it's flatbread, not pizza. What else have we got? Hmm...bypass the rising crust, ah, here we are. Thin crusts. Oooh three cheese. Gotta get that for J-girl, she's a pseudo-vegetarian (but she doesn't like vegetables on her pizza). Too bad it's not whole wheat. Oh well. Now what to get for Mommy and Daddy? The mushroom flatbread, the chicken and spinach or the roasted vegetable?

Well, let's examine the options. The mushroom flatbread is only 370g. That's not a great deal of breadliness. Forget that. The chicken and the veggie are 665g each, that's a better deal. Oooooh, the deluxe rising crust has 907g of sauce-laden goodness. But I don't want pepperoni, aaaand the rising crust is probably not a good choice either. Oh yeah, it's not whole wheat. Wait, do these contain trans-fats? How much fat and fibre in are in these puppies, anyway?

I shared my internal struggle with a fellow shopper who was also debating over which to choose. Do I go with my frugal side and take the best value for the money, or the healthy side and take the best nutrition of the two? Cheap and chubby or thinner and healthier. Cheap or healthy? Cheap or healthy??? JUST PICK ONE, DAMMIT! Aaaargh...

I made an impulsive grab for the harvest wheat chicken and spinach, slammed the freezer door and shot off like a bat out of hell towards the checkout before the pepperoni could jump into my cart. They do that, you know.

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