Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Night Sonnet

Oh Sunday you were taken much too soon,
I barely had a chance to rest my head,
My spirits sink when sun gives way to moon,
And I must drag my sorry ass to bed.
Friday carries much anticipation,
Saturday is bacon, eggs, and toast,
Sleepy Sunday morning brings elation,
But Monday is the day I dread the most.
I know that when I wake I will be tired,
I'll burrow deep and twice I'll hit the snooze,
The pot of coffee drunk will leave me wired,
But not enough to cure the Monday blues.
Waking early fills my heart with sorrow,
Maybe I will call in sick tomorrow.

1 comment:

Snooty Primadona said...

OMG! You are truly a riot! I followed you here from Manic Mariah's blog & glad I did.

By the way, I demand to know where you found a bronzed (or gilded) torso of me!

Another Rule of Kitty: Kitty gets to be the first body on any recently cleaned piece of furniture that offered up enough hair to knit a sweater.