Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Not How Much You Spent, It's How Much You Saved

I had a yen to spend this evening. Don't know why, but the moon looked funny so I'm blaming it on lunar activity.

Okay, I'm not a big Walmart shopper, but I was in the same strip mall on business so I popped in. Only to look for the Kashi Apple Bars that I can't find anywhere else. They had them! So I bought 4 boxes. And a Strawberry. And a Blackberry. For variety. And 'cause I don't know if I'll find them again. And J-girl likes them. And they're kinda healthy. And 4 bags of Goldfish crackers (plain, BBQ, pizza & cheddar) for lunches. And lactose-free milk. I just happened to see that. Pudding. Cake mixes. Chocolate chips. Corn starch - I totally needed some last week.

When I got home I asked J-girl if she wanted to go to Liquidation World (which she never does) but she surprised me with a yes. So we hopped in the car and went to...

London Drugs. I talked her out of buying the Twilight Edward Barbie doll ($25 and he doesn't even look like Edward except for the sparkly chest). But we did pick up some high-falutin' art for $17 apiece for the kitchen. And a little footstool 'cause my legs are short and don't reach the ground when I sit back in the computer chair. $4.99! And we happened upon the clearance we bought some cat toys (Christmas-themed), 2 blue laundry baskets (you can never have enough, because mine are always full of clean, folded clothes), some little Pyrex glass containers WITH LIDS (an extra 20% off), and a little ladybug drip catcher for the teapot spout (we totally needed one of those).

Then we went to Shopper's Drug Mart because J-girl needed a cold water and I had a bonus coupon as a Plus member that expires on Friday. $50 for 10,000 points. I needed some Cold FX (it was on sale!), and some snacks (trail mix, crackers) and J-girl got a treat. I have to save some of my spending for Saturday, when you can get 2 movie passes worth $25 with a $75 purchase.

Finally made it to Liquidation World for their VIP sale (good thing I printed out the email; we needed it to get in!). Well I was just there the other day, so I didn't need to go down EVERY aisle. I skipped 2 of them.
Cards .49 - never know when you'll need one,
Reese PB Cups .62 - they come in packages of 3, one for each of us,
Mossimo dress shirt 10.00 - for the man,
Blue bra & undies 6.88 - I already have a set but two is better than one,
Blue patterned bra and hideous g-string 6.88 - still a good price for the bra, I won't wear the ginchies,
Pink patterned bra and hideous g-string 6.88 - see above,
Shower cap .25 - not just for old ladies, for the days I wake up with good hair but still need a shower,
Wide-tooth comb 1.00 - my stylist is always saying to use one,
Package of 5 combs 1.00 - I like the one with the pointy handle for parting hair,
Method reed diffuser in 'cut grass' scent 2.88 - no idea what it smells like but the jar and reeds are nice. I have nice oils at home if I don't like the smell of cut grass.
Oh, and some raspberry jam - 2.97.

I think the running theme here is that I can't pass up a good deal. Let us not discuss how much I spent, but how much I SAVED. The savings are paramount. The more you save, the more you can spend, right? Right???

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

Darn, yet another post where you make me homesick... gotta stop reading ;)

I miss wandering through liquidation world... you just never know what would be there!

If you're all about the coupons and printing, have you seen They have P&G coupons and a bunch of other ones occasionally that they will print and mail to you :)