Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breaking News from the Bedroom

This is Dinah Gogina coming to you live from the top of Mount Clothesmore, the site of our most epic disaster. We're receiving reports that there may be several small socks buried in the rubble. The rescuers are working furiously to reunite them with their mates. Moments ago they pulled two laptops and 18 books from the wreckage. There appear to be only minor injuries although they have been taken in for observation. I'm getting word that they are bringing in some heavy equipment to aid in the cleanup. On the south side of the pile there have been efforts to recycle cardboard, paper, and clothing. You can see that they have created several heaps that are being sorted into the appropriate bags, and that considerable progress has been made on the closet area. There have been no reports of casualties yet, but I'm just receiving word that there are some crumple-injuries to several gift bags in the area. Investigators are probing the cause of the disaster, but evidence suggests laziness and apathy may have something to do with it. Reporting to you live, I'm Dinah Gogina for BLGR. Back to you, Lloyd.

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