Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad Drivers of the World Unite!

I worked late last night and I was trying to get home for dinner (my lovely man made a wonderful spread). It seemed like every bad driver out there was released in my vicinity. I had three vehicles signal to change into my lane mere inches from my bumper. And I had Mr. Rental Car on a dark and winding back road going well under the speed limit while riding his brakes. The. Whole. Way. I was so happy to reach the highway so I could get around him, and then got stuck behind Mr. Pace Car who was insistent on driving the same speed as the truck beside him until we reached the bridge, where I flew over that motherf***** so fast that if there were a radar trap I would have had the cop doing pirouettes. Some days I long for a cow-catcher to be mounted on my bumper. Seriously.

It was so unreal, I felt like I was on the Truman show. There must have been a producer somewhere going, "...aaaand cue slow moving cars. Keep it tight. Box her in. Slower....slower.... Put your signal light on. That's great. And left-turners nnnnnnow! Cue rain." If you saw me on TV, let me know! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

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steenky bee said...

AH! I have felt the exact same thing! Sometimes I just have to believe that I am, indeed, on the Truman Show in order to preserve my sanity. Those times? I always seem to be at Walmart.