Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Have Seen the Light!

Well I finally gave in and took my Nissan to the dealership to have the headlight bulb replaced. Not only is the bulb damn-near impossible to find, one must dismantle half the front end of the car to access said headlight. I know. We tried. It doesn't just pop out when you loosen the bolts. You have to take off the bumper or something. Not really a project for the maintenancely-challenged.

So I forked out the $73 for the bulb and $50 for labour and got 'er done at lunch on Thursday. I walked the automall loop while they changed it, so I got some bonus exercise. When I got back they weren't quite done, but I was told that BOTH my daytime running lights were out as well. That could net you a ticket, so I said to change them too. But he returned 5 minutes later and told me the good news. Because my car is an American model (that's another story), the wiring is different than the Canadian model. When the headlight burns out, the DRLs go out, but they are not burnt out. It's like an old-school string of Christmas lights. When one bulb goes, all the others on the circuit go out. So once they replaced the magical bulb, the DRLs came back on. Yay!

All is well and I can finally see in the dark! (While driving).


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I was gonna say "Holy Crikey" about having to pay $123 to change a bulb, but then I remembered you might be referring Canadian dollars and I can't remember which is more vs. American, so my answer could also be, "Oh is that all?" or "Holy Crikey!", whichever one applies.


Miz Dinah said...

Well let's see...$123 CAD @ .9343 = $114.92 USD. But it's still a lot of money!

Teri said...

My hubby had to change my headlights recently. What was supposed to take a few minutes ended up taking a LONG adjective-filled hour. hehe