Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enlighten Me

Apparently the headlight bulb for my '06 Maxima is the holy grail of headlight bulbs. I went to Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire for all you non-Canucks) the other night and the little guide book in the bulb section only went up to 2003. So a cutie-patootie sales guy at the parts counter looked it up in his system, and nada. So he tried google and didn't get any conclusive results, but then he had to serve a few waiting customers. I went to my car and unearthed the manual in its snazzy zippered case. Flip-flip-flip. Ah, headlights. Okay, it says the bulb number is 9012.

So back I trudge to stare at the Great Wall of Bulbs. There is no such bulb. Looked behind the counter. No luck there. Cutie McParts Guy can't find it in their system either. So I drove home with one sad headlight and its recently deceased twin.

This afternoon I stopped at Lordco, a mecca for parts. Guy-with-a-black-eye looked in his computer and also cannot find any trace of this bulb, or any listing for what bulb an '06 Maxima would take. What. The. Hell?

I know for certain there is a bulb that fits, because I replaced the other side 2 years ago. A co-worker removed it and I took it to Crappy Tire and was back posthaste with bulb in hand. So whatever it is, it DOES exist. But apparently the only way to find out is to remove the dead one or take it to the dealership and pay a shitload of money to have a $20 bulb installed. I just can't bring myself to do the latter.

So wish me luck. I'm on a quest that needs to be completed before the next nightfall. I'll need an ogre, a donkey and a screwdriver.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Apparently, John Deere dealers carry them OR this guy, though I don't know if he ships to Canada:

Miz Dinah said...

Thanks for the research, MAW! :)