Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aim Low, Sweet Chariot

I had an awesome visit with my sister yesterday. She has just gone solo in the big city and has a cute studio apartment. We went for coffee and after I got over my initial phobia of public places in which people can hear me and are probably staring at me because I'm just that interesting, we got into an animated discussion over writing. Once upon a time we collaborated on a book that never came to fruition. I think we need to aim lower. Never being to complete things myself, it seems a bit over-ambitious to write a novel. So we are going to write children's books. A character we created long ago resurfaced, and I think he is perfect. So that is our goal. To publish a book before the end of this year.

Also, we have decided to go to IKEA next weekend. That is a more instantly realizable goal. She needs a LACK table and I need light bulbs. Like I said, aim low.

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