Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Importance of Being Kitty

Cat. I'm trying to blog here. Yes, okay. You're soft and purring and...Gordon! Get your ass out of my face. Stop winking at me with your brown eye. Get. Stop. Okay, get down. Yes, I love you. Here, let me pet you on the floor. I'll type with one hand. mmm thts nott wirrking.!r Yes, lay down. Good boy. No, ouch watch the boobies! Agh, you're scratching the leather couch. No! Listen cat. I'm trying to type. Get off my keyboareatgfsdhfhykt tujirewjy;thrw yjhjtrkuuwi34o. Go find your sister. grumble grumble damn cats... Agh! Kitties! Your little claws are digging in! What, am I wearing eau de catnip or something? Help! Why are you so jealous of my laptop?

The Second Rule of Kitty: Kitty is number one.

Everything else is secondary. There are no exceptions. Except when Kitty says so.

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