Friday, January 9, 2009

When in snow, do as the snowmen do!

Or when life gives you snow, make an igloo! (Okay, enough corny clich├ęs for one morning).

Yes, that is my hubby poking out of the igloo, and yes it is dark out. He stayed out to finish it after J-girl came inside to warm up after 4 hours of snow fun. It took 6 hours in total to build this masterpiece. And no, Canadians do not all live in igloos!

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Linda said...

I love it!! Alot of hard work, but man it sure looks like it was worth it.
We had ALOT of snow here around Christmas, and I did not think of making an igloo.Smack in the head to me!!

Mrs. Blue said...

Coolio! You should open up the Igloo Inn and rent it out for weekend stays, LOL!

Just passing by from Candid Carrie's :)

Candid Carrie said...

I was going to say what Mrs. Blue just said. You've got to rent that little hut out to some unsuspecting tourists! And then give me and Mrs. Blue tremendous commission!

Thanks for participating again and again and again!



Karen said...

Neat igloo !!!

I think Mrs Blue and Carrie are on to something there. May as well make some money out of all that snow, eh !!

Anonymous said...

wow!! I'm impressed!