Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinah Gogina has updated her status

If Dinah Gogina updated her facebook status regularly:

Miz Dinah is feeling satisfied. 9:00 pm
Miz Dinah is noshing the nachos her hubby made and watching a movie. 9:30 pm
Miz Dinah is eating dried mangos, trail mix and baked Lays potato chips. 10:00 pm
Miz Dinah feels kind of ill. 10:30 pm
Miz Dinah is going to bed with a bloated tummy and heartburn. 10:45 pm
Miz Dinah is groaning in bed. 11:00 pm
Miz Dinah is checking the clock. 12:05 am
Miz Dinah is checking the clock again. 1:27 am
Miz Dinah is waking up from very strange and disturbing dreams. Must be the cheese before bed. 4:45 am
Miz Dinah is checking the clock again. 5:00 am
Miz Dinah might as well get up. 6:00 am
Miz Dinah is making mini cheese biscuits for J-girl's class party today. 6:05 am
Miz Dinah is drinking actual home made coffee on a weekday instead of drinking at work. Coffee, that is. 6:20 am
Miz Dinah has folded the laundry and gotten everything ready to go to work and school. 8:15 am
Miz Dinah forgot to make her lunch. 8:25 am
Miz Dinah is supposed to be working. 12:58 pm

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Teri said...

That is too funny. My Facebook should read: Teri is supposed to be doing anything besides wasting so much time on the computer.