Friday, January 30, 2009

C is for Christmas Cookies!

They're not stale. I promise. This picture was taken early December just after making 14 dozen spritz cookies for our annual cookie exchange. Mmm!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinah Gogina has updated her status

If Dinah Gogina updated her facebook status regularly:

Miz Dinah is feeling satisfied. 9:00 pm
Miz Dinah is noshing the nachos her hubby made and watching a movie. 9:30 pm
Miz Dinah is eating dried mangos, trail mix and baked Lays potato chips. 10:00 pm
Miz Dinah feels kind of ill. 10:30 pm
Miz Dinah is going to bed with a bloated tummy and heartburn. 10:45 pm
Miz Dinah is groaning in bed. 11:00 pm
Miz Dinah is checking the clock. 12:05 am
Miz Dinah is checking the clock again. 1:27 am
Miz Dinah is waking up from very strange and disturbing dreams. Must be the cheese before bed. 4:45 am
Miz Dinah is checking the clock again. 5:00 am
Miz Dinah might as well get up. 6:00 am
Miz Dinah is making mini cheese biscuits for J-girl's class party today. 6:05 am
Miz Dinah is drinking actual home made coffee on a weekday instead of drinking at work. Coffee, that is. 6:20 am
Miz Dinah has folded the laundry and gotten everything ready to go to work and school. 8:15 am
Miz Dinah forgot to make her lunch. 8:25 am
Miz Dinah is supposed to be working. 12:58 pm

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road Rage

Little shit-brown Toyota Tercel.
Circa 1980s.
Going under the speed limit in the passing lane.
I will make you my bitch.
My Maxima will wear you as a hood ornament.
Move. The Hell. Over.

Friday, January 9, 2009

When in snow, do as the snowmen do!

Or when life gives you snow, make an igloo! (Okay, enough corny clich├ęs for one morning).

Yes, that is my hubby poking out of the igloo, and yes it is dark out. He stayed out to finish it after J-girl came inside to warm up after 4 hours of snow fun. It took 6 hours in total to build this masterpiece. And no, Canadians do not all live in igloos!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Help, I'm Snowed In!!!

Heh heh...remember when I said it hardly snowed here at all? Well, it's been snowing since December 12th (so I'm told -- I was away until the 27th). It's been snowing since I got back from Cali-forn-i-a anyway, which is enough to inconvenience me. Sure, it's pretty. From inside the house looking out, with a cup of spiked hot chocolate in my hand. But seriously, this is enough frozen white stuff.

I drove my sister and her roommate back home this afternoon (an hour away) so that I could check out their new bachelorette pad. Brought J-girl with me. The roads and freeways were fine. The side streets were snowy but manageable with my brand new all-seasons (snow tires are a rarity in these parts). They're literally a week old. We stayed for an hour, and when we left it was snowing again! We had to clear the car off again, and the road back to the freeway was pretty deep with snow. The freeway was pretty snowy too, but there were tire tracks to follow. I passed a cop and thought, "Should I feel guilty about this?", but then I decided I wouldn't get a ticket for speeding as I was going 50 km/hr in a 90 zone. Halfway home it got pretty hairy; there were cars in the ditch and the snow was scraping the bottom of my car. The wipers could barely keep up with the snow. After a pit-stop for a pee, we decided that if we could make it to my work we would spend the night there instead of driving home. It's right off the freeway, and the highway to our house apparently had zero-visibility. Plus we live up a huge hill.

So we let ourselves in and brought the car into the warehouse so it wouldn't get buried. We're up in the lounge watching Chronicles of Narnia (thank God we have cable!), curled up on the couches with big fuzzy blankets and eating Goldfish crackers from my desk. I borrowed my boss's laptop from his office so I don't have to go downstairs to my office for internet. We're so glad we have a bunch of smokies and buns in our freezer from staff barbecues or we would have been eating corn chips and beef jerky from the snaccpac for dinner. We've got heat, food, beverages, cable, internet and basically all the comforts of home except toothbrushes and clean underwear.

J-girl wants to cuddle before bed so she wants me to stop blogging. The falling snow is beautiful outside the wall-to-wall windows and the movie's almost over. Just about time for bed. At least I won't be late for work in the morning. I'm pretty sure there won't be school tomorrow either. Well then. Goodnight!