Friday, December 26, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Howdy folks. I'm holed up in the Club Lounge at the Sheraton enjoying happy hour, one day before departing lovely Anaheim for home. From what I hear, we have a foot of snow! It is unusual for us to have a white Christmas. We usually only get a couple weeks of snow, but spread out sporadically over the winter. Sorry I missed it, but Mexico was calling. Wait, do I hear it calling again? I'm not looking forward to leaving for home. I did not invest in snow tires, I gambled our money on a vacation instead.

Well, the Carnival Cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas was very enjoyable. The food was awesome and plentiful, from the buffets to the sushi bar to the fine dining room to the 24-hour room service. The service was excellent. The towel animals from our steward were well received. We would leave our room for an hour, and when we returned it was magically cleaned or the beds were turned down without seeing a trace of uniformed staff. I swear they had peepholes in the wall and watched for us to leave. It was so nice to have that kind of service. Unfortunately the only hiccup was that our daughter caught a cold and that triggered her asthma, so the coughing disturbed a bit of my sleep. But we didn't have to get up early, so no big deal. We ended up not getting off the boat at Cabo because of the huge lineup for the tenders (boats to the dock). The other two stops were right at the dock. My husband caught our daughter's cold so the two of them were sniffly anyway. We took advantage of the empty ship and had the pool and hot tub to ourselves.

I thought I had escaped the dreaded cold, but alas it was not to be. I caught it the day we disembarked, and it has been with me all week while we played at Disneyland, California Adventure and Legoland. Nothing that a trip to Target for cold meds and 15 travel packs of Kleenex can't fix or at least cover up.

Disneyland was not as magical as the first time three years ago. However, it was a blast now that our daughter is brave enough to tackle the roller coasters. We had so much fun enjoying all the rides we missed last time: Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Mulholland Madness. We ate a massive two-pound smoked turkey leg at the park in lieu of Christmas dinner last night. Mmmmm... and spent the next two hours picking it out of my teeth because I didn't bring dental floss (I'm a compulsive flosser). Anyway, this is our last day of a 5-day park hopper pass today. Gotta hit the Matterhorn Bobsleds and Grizzly River Run, pick up a few more souvenirs and another churro. Then our trip will be complete.

Legoland was interesting. Although it rained for the first half of the day, it didn't spoil our fun. We bought rain ponchos (clear yellow garbage bags with hoods, actually) and hit most of the rides. Had a hella hot cheesesteak sandwich. It was the equivalent of walking on hot coals, and I prevailed. I think there was an accident with the cayenne pepper shaker behind the grill. Whoa, mama! We had a two-day pass, but didn't make it back down there. Hit a Jack-In-The-Box and Krispy Kreme on the way back up to Anaheim so we can check that off our list. We don't have these American institutions in Canada. No trip to the USA is complete without a Sourdough Jack.

Of course our daughter still received a stocking filled with little Webkinz (easy to pack!) on Christmas morning, even though this trip was our present. It still helps to have something to open, and she was thrilled to add them to her collection. I was thrilled they were on sale at Walgreen's, 2 for 1! And at a fraction of the price in Canada to begin with.

So tomorrow we return to reality, if our flight isn't cancelled due to weather. Luckily we have done several loads of laundry during this trip, so there won't be a huge pile to wash. Most can just be unpacked and put away. Hahaha...yeah right. Usually we live out of our suitcases for the first week because we're too tired (read: lazy) to unpack. But I have good intentions this time. Really! :)

Merry Christmas ~ Joyeux Noël ~ Feliz Navidad ~ Hyvää Joulua ~ Happy Kwanzaa ~ Happy Hanukkah

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