Sunday, November 30, 2008

blogging + loafing = bloafing

I am boredly bloafing (props to my sistah for coining that!), and reading my Google Analytics stats. Here are the search terms that brought people to my blog:

(In random order, of course.)
  • dinah gogina (naturally)
  • picture gogina (who's looking for a picture of my gogina??)
  • "smell like oregano" diaper (don't even want to know!)
  • favourite vaginas (I hope I made the list!)
  • flaming bag of wind (yeah, I get that)
  • milking fake cow kindergarten classroom (?)
  • naked headless delight (I've often been called so)
  • tanlines (don't have any)
  • wetspot (ha!)

My apologies to people who have landed on my blog while looking for these things. I fear I have failed you in your quest for information. Might I suggest Wikipedia.

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