Saturday, September 27, 2008

Once You Go Black...

Well, you know what they say.

I used to be a Tim Horton's Double Double girl. Two cream. Two sugar. I went to Weight Watchers for a short time and the leader told us she used to take two and two in her coffee, but she whittled her way down to black. I thought, "No way in Hell can I do that." I have a cousin who takes Triple Triple in her Extra Large Tim Horton's coffee, and she is not overweight. I will cut down in other areas.

When I started working up in Accounting, my supervisor (now great friend) was a One and One, also known as Regular, at Timmy's. Ew. But she was such a healthy person in her eating habits, so she sucked me into the One and One realm. And I got used to it.

My sister got a job at Starbucks. Starbucks coffee is nothing like Timmy Ho's. As a matter of fact, if you read the label or the web site, I don't believe they actually disclose what kind of beans are in their coffee. Anyway, whenever I visited her at work or at home (which was the same thing, she practically lived there when she wasn't working), I drank Starbucks coffee. Actually, I drank latt├ęs and mochas at first. She expanded my coffee horizons. I tried the Guatemala Antiqua. I tried the Caffe Verona. I tried the Sumatra. Komodo Dragon. Yukon. French Roast. She worked me up from mild-medium blends to bold-dark roasts. And I liked it. I even gave up the sugar. But I didn't like the filmy feeling in my mouth when the coffee contained cream. She suggested I try it black. I couldn't. But I did downgrade to milk. One morning, hubby and I made our freshly ground Starbucks and discovered we were out of milk. And Irish Cream. What were we to do? Needing our fix, we drank it black. It was bold and strong, but the flavour that lingered was enjoyable. So we had a second cup instead of going to the store for milk.

Slowly, we weaned ourselves off the milk carton. We tasted the different subtleties in the different blends. We became coffee connoisseurs. We drink Fair Trade coffees. We grind our own beans. I am proud to say we are now Black. And loving it.

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Anonymous said...

I just shed a tear. It smelled like Nicaragua.