Monday, May 26, 2008

I love eBay

There is probably nothing that you can't find on eBay. Is that a double-negative? It doesn't sound right, but it's what I want to say. I have searched for so many things, and very rarely have I been disappointed.

My daughter loves knee socks. She will only wear knee socks. No ankle socks, fold-down socks, sport socks. Knee socks. We bought some pretty cute ones at the Gap in the fall, but now that it is spring they of course can't be found. Except on eBay. I got three new pairs for $15 including shipping, which is what I paid at the mall before taxes and fuel.

I have also dropped a few coins on the oh-so-rare Webkinz charms that are damn near impossible to find. I think this is because people have scooped them up and are hawking them on eBay. I have looked for these for over 6 months and seen nary a one. I was so excited to find a seller in my hometown, which saved me a ton of shipping fees. I bought eight and a Webkinz elephant plush. They are so friggin' cute. I wish I had thought of finding a bunch to sell.

So I got to thinking I should sell something. I have lots of things. Specifically one thing. Brace yourself, dear reader, for I am about to share my dirty little secret with you. I...usedtobeaTupperwarelady. Yes, that's right. Except for the cliché bouffant hairdo, I was your typical, annoying, sell-anything-to-your-friends-and-family Tupperware pimp. I have been on the wagon for 6 years now. Basically since I got a real job. Don't get me wrong, I loooove the plastic. I still get excited when I see a new item, a new colour, a SALE item! But I don't buy anymore. Because I have 6 cupboards full in my kitchen. And 4 large boxes in my garage. Of brand new and demo Tupperware. I have consolidated down from 7 boxes, but I'm done with open houses and sales. So there it sits.

I figure it's depreciated enough that as long as someone pays the shipping, I don't care what it sells for anymore. So last weekend I listed one lot of six Tupperware keychains. Just enough to dip my toe in the water. Small investment. Cost me about $3 originally. I got a bid the next day at .99. Woohoo! The day before the auction closed, it hit $5.61. I was elated. The next morning I streaked to the computer, and it was up to $18.50! Holy crap! I didn't even bother to check again until minutes before the auction closed. $32.95. Oh. My. God. For 6 lousy (albeit cute!) little keychains. Plus shipping. How sweet is that?

So now I'm hooked. Out came the digital camera, and I'm arranging Tupperware models for their photo shoots. I feel like Austin Powers, with less chest hair and better teeth. Yeah baby! I've got 12 more items listed, one of which is ending in 2 minutes. Er...I've got to go!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love Your Blog...

...because if you don't, who will?

Yay! We got a makeover! I would like to thank all the little people that made this possible, namely me. Just kidding. After piddling around with Photoshop, default templates and crap, and not wanting to ask my husband, who IS a Web Developer by the way, I finally cracked and googled Blogger templates. There are so many to choose from! I'd like to give a shout out to Fresh Blogger Templates for their free and lovely xml template and for the instructions on how to install. After a little tweaking we are good to go!

It's like getting a pedicure and facial. I feel pretty!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo

Ahhh...I missed April. I was sick. Um. For all of April. After a week in Playa del Carmen in March I have been feeling down and out of sorts. Down because I had to leave the warmth and beauty of Mexico, and out of sorts digestively speaking. Not to mention that I am chronically tired and ill on a good day. I have barely enough energy to lurk on Facebook, let alone blog.

Anyway, I meant to post a link to this blog I found (through Blogs of Note, I don't have time to search these things myself!): Bottles, Barbies & Boys.

Now there's a mother. Three wonderful kids, a beautiful blog and a sense of humour. I love her honesty and thank her for letting us into her life. It is not airbrushed, edited, censored, or restrained. It's like a daily affirmation that we all have our days, nobody is perfect, and you just have to roll with it. And that I should stick with one kid. :)

Also, Weighty Matters, a doctor's perspective on society's food ills and its effect on our health. I love that he calls out the brainwashing of Big Food on the masses, educating us on how our blind faith on healthy endorsements is misplaced. Make no wonder we are so fat! Damn you, Big Food, damn you...