Saturday, March 8, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favourite Blogs...

When I first signed up to Blogger, the very first blog I visited was the Blog of Note for the day, Homemade By Jill. The fact that it was noteworthy by Blogger, combined with the promise of homemade goodies prompted me to click the link.

The first thing I saw was a pretty girl (presumably Jill) around my age, the second was the cutest pair of lavender cloth baby shoes. Adorable! The more I scrolled, the more I was enthralled by the talent this craftstress possessed - the sock animals, then the onesie cookies with tiny piped icing. Then I happened upon the Diaper Cake Tutorial. I was in awe. It was the most beautiful, professional looking Diaper Cake I have ever seen. It was reminiscent of a wedding cake, all white and green and pink, with decadent roses that turned out to be made of coffee filters. Amazing! This instantly became my favourite blog and I scoured it until I had devoured all her sensational creations. Then I noticed Jill had another blog...

Bee-Boppin' the Boroughs in which she and best friend Meg photo-chronicle their travels through the streets of NYC whilst wearing stripey purple hats. They are very comical, and have a yen for doughnuts that is fulfilled during nearly every walk. There is even a spare hat for guest Bee-Boppers that join the walk. The captions are very entertaining. So this has become one of my other favourite blogs.

Cakes by Kelsie is another Blog of Note that caught my eye. The cakes and other goodies are the creations of a 16-year-old aspiring caketeer, Kelsie. They are quite good, and you can tell she is learning a lot. Her Webkinz cookies are spectacular.

I have come across a few other blogs that would be worthy to note, if only I could remember what they were now. I am not a talented crafter or photographer, and although I consider myself a pretty good cook and baker, I don't have much time for either since I work 40 hours a week. When I get home from work my main goal is to get some tasty food inside me, stat! While delicious, it is not picture-worthy as I don't plate everything or have time to snap pics. I try not to bake too much, because it leads to eating too much. Kudos to those who do take the time to present a pretty plate and post pictures of their culinary artwork for the rest of us to enjoy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog Incognito

So after a lot of random blog-surfing (read: clicking the next blog link repeatedly with glazed eyes), I have discovered that there are a lot of blogs about nothing out there. I am not alone! :) Since I want to retain some shred of anonymity for the time being, I won't be posting family or personal pictures, or a million boring vacation slides. Well, I could post one of my big toe without fear of being recognized; it is fairly nondescript. The pinky toe, well, that is a bit more distinct, and I risk being uncovered. Anyway, at least I don't feel any pressure about having a blog meme, info-blog, public-service blog, deep blog, or pop blog. I will subscribe to random blogginess inblognito. I never liked being popular anyway. It interferes with my hermitting.

That being said, I have stumbled upon a web site that I so wish I could proudly claim as my own. In fact, my sister and I had started a book on the very subject matter 8 years ago. Sadly, we had not enough experience under our belts at that point in our lives, and it was abandoned. It was to be called "Flushdance - Things to Do When You're Doing a Poo". This site brought more than a tear to my eye, but to fully appreciate it you would have to enjoy have sick potty-humour as much as I do, and take pride in your flushcapades. A little IBS might help too. Anyway, without further ado (pun intended), I give you...