Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hmm...what to post?

I have bloggers block. Seriously. All the thoughts I have when driving home from work have completely vacated my head by the time I log in. I need voice-recognition software or something. But that wouldn't work, because I have these conversations in my head that never transpire verbally. Damn. I don't have any specialized knowledge on any particular subject. I don't have a rare medical condition. I don't have intense passion for a cause. I don't make things, take amazing pictures, or have a hobby. Pooh. I guess I will be Random Mediocre Girl, with fairly good grammar and excellent spelling. On the plus side, I am good at Jeopardy, as my head is filled with useless, random trivia that can only be recalled in the form of a question under pressure.

Okay, that is one thing I am passionate about. There seems to be a severe decline in spelling, grammar, punctuation and general communication, noticeably in the younger generation (I'm old for my age). Not just in the MSN/SMS (text-messaging) world, but in email, school, and in the workplace as well. Oh, to be a high-school English teacher -- perish the thought! I would dig myself a grave to turn over in (or in which to turn over, but let's not get carried away!). I have never been a fan of lol. The word is onomatopeiac. I envision a drooling, Ren & Stimpyish sounding "lall" while your head lolls to the side (pun intended). Lol. Ugh. That and rofflemaow, which is how one would pronounce roflmao, or lemaow, short for lmao. Brb I can understand, since you are most likely in a hurry at that point, and is a quick, considerate way to not leave the other party hanging in dead, whitespace silence. Especially for the hunt-n-peckers or slow typers. Other travesties include: alot, the wrong usage of their/there/they're, and the use of apostrophes to show plural. There, I'm a language snob and I freely admit it.

I think my next post should be about my research on why my nose runs when I am creatively writing. Now I remember why I hated doing homework. Snort.


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Miz Dinah said...

Okay, as much as the internet-speak makes me cringe, I do find the lolcats amusing. They're so damn cute I can overlook their poor spelling. I mean, the fact that they can spell at all is amazing, for a cat. ;) I'm in ur spellcheckz correcting ur wordz.

Carrie said...

I'll spend five minutes rearranging a sentance so that I don't end it in a preposition!