Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome to my wetspot

I just noticed that the url for my blog is Sounds kind of like wetspot. Ew. Dirty. And yet curiously appropriate. So anyway, welcome to Dinah Gogina's wetspot. :)

Introducing Miz Dinah Gogina

I'm sitting here in the living room on a Sunday night, drinking a mojito and surfing when I should be doing laundry. It's not my turn on Scrabulous, hubby and daughter are playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, and I'm bored. Not bored enough to finish the laundry, mind you. I've always wanted a blog. I have all these great ideas in my head that I think, "Oh, I should put that on my blog," but now that I've signed up for an account, my head is empty. I think it might be the mojito.

First, I should introduce myself. My co-worker used to call me Dinah as a nickname, and because we have customers who phone from the deep South from time to time, we tend to adopt a southern accent for hours at a time. You can say the most amazingly blunt things with a southern accent, and it always sounds so pleasant. "Do y'all mind takin' your hand off mah ass, darlin'?" Anyway, she started calling me Miz Dinah, and then Dinah Gogina (rhymes with vagina). I don't know why, but it stuck.

That's pretty much the story of how Dinah Gogina got her name.

Quick bio: I'm 31, live in BC (that's in Canada, eh!), and am a full-time working mom of 1. what?